Jason combines his years of design engineering expertise with a creative spirit. Jason grew up in a household of furry and feathered friends, and is absolutely animal crazy. He strives for cat happiness in his daily life and can often be found crawling on the ground to interact with his cats at eye level.

Tara brings her Project Leadership expertise and Get It Done management style to the team. Tara is your stereotypical cat lady, whose cats are usually found inside of or on the keys of the piano. Don't be surprised to find her cooing to the cats while swaddling them like little babies.




Lead Tester

Bruce's skittish demeanor and preference to hide from all things, uniquely positions him to be Lead Tester. Most discerning of all the test cats, Bruce will only accept the best in Cat Entertainment.


Product Developer

Sammie is a youthful lady with a goat-like meow. An enigma in her own right, Sammie brings love, snuggles, and a "you can do better" attitude to the table during product development.



A lazy ragdoll, Chestnut prefers modeling opportunities. Please email CuteCatModel@wordpress-85434-665199.cloudwaysapps.com with offers and she'll see if it works with her schedule.


In late 2013, Jason and Tara were juggling full-time jobs while trying to meet the demands of three cats living in a 700 square foot apartment. Trips to the pet store were futile, because cat products designed with the cats' needs in mind were scarce. A lightbulb went off: what if we create the ultimate cat companion that truly satisfies and entertains our cats while we were away for the day? Thus began the development of SHRU - The Intelligent Cat Companion.

SHRU was wildly successful on Kickstarter with 4500 backers pledging allegiance to the cat cause in just 30 days. Tara & Jason knew they'd found their people. After delivering SHRU to their Kickstarter backers, Tara & Jason began to dream of all of the ways they could bring cat lifestyle into the 21st century. Combining their spirit of serving the cats of the world with the passionate support of their customers, they've been working ever since to improve cat lifestyle by creating products that complement the essential elements of cat life: hunting, grooming, feeding, and napping.