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At PDX Pet Design, we work extra hard to design and develop products for your cat that actually work. They’re a bit fun and zany, sure, but this is about your cat buddy, not about you! And because often times those products are “out there,” they generate a lot of buzz and get people talking. So regardless of your reaction, we love it when you talk about the things we make, because it’s the best form of feedback and the easiest way to ensure we consistently innovate, bringing you better and better toys and games to engage your furry best friend.

Below, you’ll find a sampling of recent press our products have received. If we missed an article that you wrote and published, feel free to contact us and let us know!

You Can Finally Lick Your Cat With This Innovative Pet Brush

Have you been struggling to bond with your feline? Well, here’s some good news for you because now you can get closer to your cat by acting like one with this Licki Brush. This innovative solution lets you brush your furry-friend by licking it like a cat would. Your cat will love it!
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LICKI is the Strangest Cat Brush You’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever looked at your beloved feline friends licking each other and thought Hey, I want in on that action? Hopefully not. If my suggestion of it has made you gag, this is not the article for you. Leave now, before it gets weird. If you’re still here, meet LICKI, the world’s strangest cat brush. From the makers of smart cat toy, SHRU, LICKI hopes to be the cat gadget you never knew you needed.
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Lick Your Cat With LICKI, A Giant Silicone Tongue On Kickstarter

If you’ve ever watched a cat lick itself or another cat and thought, I wish I could lick that cat, too, there’s a Kickstarter project just for you. LICKI is a silicone brush shaped like a giant tongue that will supposedly allow you to bond with your cat by licking it.
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Intelligent Cat ‘Companion’ Mimics Movements of Small Animals

Every indoor cat owner has felt it, that gnawing, guilt-inducing sensation that you’re simply not providing enough entertainment or exercise for your homebound hunter. Kitty has grown bored with the feathers-on-a-fishing-rod toy, and you’re not even around to wield it for most of the day. What to do?
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Meet Egg, A Smart Cat Toy That’s A Real Companion For Your Kitten

Keeping cats interested in any one toy for any length of time can be difficult, at least in my experience. Plus, most of them require a lot of manual input on the owner’s part. The Egg is a Kickstarter project that aims to keep things interesting for the cat, and save energy for the owner, with a smart toy that moves on its own and can be programmed via a laptop.
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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews the Licki Brush Inventors

The Licki Brush is a new product designed to let cat owners have the experience of licking their cat in a sanitary way. Jimmy was fascinated by this, so we tracked down the people behind the Kickstarter campaign for this new brush and they appeared on our show via the Wall Of America.
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Egg hatches plan to entertain cats

The challenge of keeping an indoor cat occupied while its owners are away during the day has certainly produced some interesting efforts. The Solar Chaser uses the power of the sun to form a perpetually bobbing kitty toy, while the Cat DJ Scratching Deck serves as a potential launching pad for your feline’s highly anticipated music career. The team behind Egg, a “cat companion” that mimics a small animal’s movements, has hatched a different sort of plan.
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Cat lovers rejoice, you can now “lick” your cat clean yourself by using this new device

Have you ever looked at your cat cleaning itself and thought, “hmm, you missed a bit buddy”? Or perhaps deep down you know your cat is a free spirit and simply using you for food, and wish to create a scenario in which it relies on you for something? If either of the above ring true in any way – or if you simply wish to become a cat – then you may want to consider using the uniquely monickered Licki Brush.
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This Robot Keeps Your Cat Entertained While You’re Out And About

“This is not just another cat toy. Egg is a cat companion. It mimics and responds like a living animal.”

Overattached cat owners (your author included) are no doubt familiar with those pangs of guilt you feel when you leave the house any longer than a couple of hours, your cat is home alone, and he or she is probably bored!
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Lick Your Cat Happy with LICKI Brush. No, Really.

It may be time for us to consider the idea that cats are legitimately endowed with some kind of brainwashing ability, because it appears that we will do literally anything to please them. And if it seems like a stretch to think that cats can control us like Rey controls a (surprisingly suave and British) stormtrooper, then take the LICKI Brush into consideration before scoffing at the possibility.
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The Egg: Changing the World of Cat Toys Forever!

There are many new devices using technology to entertain cats, but this is one of the most amazing concepts I’ve seen to date. It’s the Egg, not just a cat toy, but a cat companion. It looks so simple from the outside, but once you see what it can do, I guarantee you will be impressed.
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Licki Brush: You’re Not the Only One Who’s Dreamed of Licking Your Cat

How far will I go to be the best cat parent I can be? Pretty far. This desire was the inspiration behind the world’s newest (and strangest) cat grooming invention: The LICKI Brush. According to their website, Licking your cat with LICKI is an oddly meditative practice, soothing for both you and your cat. Sounds weird but promising.
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7 pawsome pieces of pet tech

It might look like an egg, but Shru is a cat toy that responds like a living animal, so your puss can go in for the kill without getting your carpet dirty. The product is designed to keep your fur baby “active and engaged” while you’re out. You can tweak Shru’s settings to match your cat’s play style and if it gets lost (or hidden in a den) there’s a “find me feature”.
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Lick your cat with the purr-fectly crazy Licki Brush on Kickstarter

Cat brush got your tongue? Feline fanciers can finally lick their kittens without worrying about hairballs thanks to a Portland couple’s bizarre new invention. The Licki Brush from self-described cat entertainment enthusiasts Tara and Jason O’Mara is essentially a tongue-shaped silicone pacifier. The cat lover bites onto the mouthpiece and then drags the tongue over his pet’s coat in an eccentric bonding exercise.
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How the Shru Kickstarter Team Conquered the Cat Toy Market

Previously known as Egg, Shru, an intelligent companion for cats, was a runaway success during its Kickstarter campaign last year. Its focus on being a clever toy that can respond to your cat’s movements really captured backer’s imaginations, with features such as automatic obstacle detection meaning your pet could never get bored of the unit.
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Have you heard of SHRU The Intelligent Cat Companion?

Jason and Tara O’Mara felt bad coming home to their three bored cats and dreamt up SHRU as the solution. Backed with the support of 4500 Kickstarter backers, this modern and intelligent cat companion keeps your felines occupied and entertained while you’re away from the home. Unlike other cat toys, SHRU is a true companion designed to be your kitty’s longtime friend.
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You and Your Cat Will Be Closer Than Ever With This Weird New Brush

We’ve definitely seen some unique products for our cats in our days. But this brush . . . is something else. The Licki Brush, which totally succeeded on Kickstarter, raised over $50,000 toward production. This brush is designed to bring human and cat closer together, because cats use licking as a bonding method. According to the Kickstarter, “You’ll develop a more intimate and bonded relationship, much like a mama cat bonds with her young.” You just stick one end of the soft brush in your mouth and lick away.
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Shru The Cat Companion That Mimics Small Animals Movement

There is no shame in admitting an epic fail when you buy a new toy or accessory for your cat. Sometimes cats are simply not interested. Shru the cat companion is about to change that. We were looking around on Kickstarter for the most promising new pet businesses and came across Shru. Shru is an intelligent robotic device that mimics the movement and sound of small animal. It’s a product designed by Jason O’Mara. The project has been successfully funded.
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Is this the ultimate cat toy? Intelligent ‘companion’ mimics small animals to keep your feline company

All of our gadgets and toys are getting smarter so it was only a matter of time before pet toys developed a mind of their own. The Egg cat companion is fitted with a motor and sensors that mean it can roll across the floor, shake and make cute sounds, and move out of the way of obstacles. By mimicking a small animal, the rechargeable toy can chase your pet and keep it entertained for hours.
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New brush lets perfectly normal humans lick their cat

What do you get for the cat person who has everything, but still wants to lick their pet? As much as your cat loves the snuggles and strokes you give it on a daily basis, there’s nothing more bonding than using your own tongue to groom your beloved pet, just like a mother cat caring for its young.
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Good Vibrations

Meet Shru, the future of cat entertainment! Shru is a next generation cat toy that acts as a true companion to your mouser whether you’re about or not. Shru is a responsive, high-tech toy that is designed to mimic and respond like a living animal, entertaining your cat by wriggling about in your home.
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Please Don’t Buy This Brush To Lick Your Cat Clean

If you have a pet, you have hair. Piles and piles of hair fur, really gathering in corners of your home, settling on top of freshly-baked lasagnas, ticking the eyes of every allergic visitor. Dogs are easy to clean; throw them in the tub and have at it. Cats, however, are more persnickety, resistant to brushing and content to half-heartedly lick their assholes while ignoring the giant hairball forming on their right haunch.
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4 Cat Tech Tools That Will Change Your Life

The makers of SHRU insist it’s not a cat toy. It’s a cat companion because this oval rock-like feathered invention mimics and responds like a living animal. SHRU has multiple settings that allow you to select the one that best fits your cat’s playing style. SHRU makes erratic movements and sounds, keeping your cat on his or her toes (or is it paws?) and will even try and escape your cat from time-to-time.
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Das intelligente Ei für die Katz

Es gibt Hoffnung für gelangweilte Hauskatzen: Ein US-Entwickler hat ein Ei erfunden, das Verhaltensweisen kleiner Tiere nachahmt.

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