CatCon 2017: Meet Some of the Coolest People Who Will Be Attending

best presenters at cat con 2017

CatCon Is 2017’s “Mane” Event for Cat Lovers Across the Country

It’s that time of the year — cat lovers from across the country join together to revel in their mutual devotion to cats of all shapes and sizes! That’s right folks, CatCon 2017 is just around the corner and boy oh boy, do they have a show for you!

CatCon is an annual celebration of cats and the cat aesthetic, all of which has developed out of pure passion and love for feline pets. People gather each year in southern California for the big event. So if you are in the Pasadena area or willing to travel, you can get your tickets here. For more information on the details of the event, check out the CatCon FAQ page.

Steph and Kate by Molly and Miranda

A Few Guest Highlights We’re Excited About at CatCon 2017

This year’s CatCon features a plethora of talented artists and guests who love cats just about as much as you do. To get into the spirit, we at PDX Pet Design have put together a little preview of the coming attractions.

Steph and Kate by Molly and Miranda

Steph and Kate

Keep your eyes peeled for adorable handmade homegoods with the cutest kitty designs you ever did see. The makers of these cute cat products are Molly and Miranda, two artists who have combined their passion for making things with their love for cats and minimalist designs. Steph and Kate are the cats that inspire the upcycled yet classical designs that you will find on the handmade tea towels, mugs, pouches, baby bibs, napkins, and other homegoods. Watch out for their iconic line drawn designs in fresh variations.

Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks has become prolific for her science fiction and pop culture illustrations that feature cats as the the faces of characters that we all know and love. Haven’t you always wanted to see your favorite characters from Stranger Things, only in cat form? Well now you can!

StrangeFurThings Jenny Parks

Parks combines her love for cats with her love for “nerdy stuff,” and serves a community that has many of the same interests. She ventures, “I think it’s fair to say my audience is a healthy mix of cat lovers and nerds who are also cat lovers!” Parks is excited to meet and interact with other cat people and cat artists, so make sure to say hi!

Tasha / Feminist Felines

Feminist Felines book

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Feminist Felines, an adorable illustrated book that uses puns, word play, and cat allusions to underscore the importance of feminism and gender equality — you definitely should add it to your summer reading list. Tasha, the mastermind behind the book, explains, “The ‘tail’ highlights feminist issues, and celebrates working together to ‘purrpetuate pawsitivity.’ With a ‘purrtinent’ message, a plethora of cat puns, and the bright illustrations, there is something for everybody.”

Feminist Felines book

Since the book’s release in 2015, Tasha has been working on cat custom pet portraits and a few other children’s book projects. Tasha will be at CatCon and is excited to surround herself with like-minded caring people who also identify as crazy cat people.


Kitty Decides has become a cult Internet obsession that channels the cat video craze into a productive platform for pawsitive change. Amy Raasch explains her mission: “The KITTY DECIDES mission is to translate our enthusiasm for watching Internet cat videos into meaningful donations to help animals in real life.”


She is excited to reveal that her next project “explores the animalistic behavior of humans in love — and the human behavior of animals in love.” For CatCon, Raasch is scheming a secret show of cat-themed rock music, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for psychedelic cat-cophony!

Cat People Unite!

CatCon is the one weekend where hundreds of people gather to meditate on the coy quirks and understated all the amazing goofiness that cats embody. Come on out to celebrate the beauty and joy that is cats! PDX Pet Design will be there too – stop by and say hi at booth #806!


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