PDX Parking Kitty: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Most From the New Portland Parking App

A Purrfect App for Parking on the Go in Portland, Oregon

The secret got out some time ago: Portland is an incredible place to live. But between the drove of freshly minted Portlanders who just moved in from all over the country and the rapid development and redevelopment of every corner of town, parking in the Rose City has gotten a bit more challenging over the last few years.

The city is expanding its zone parking deeper into the neighborhoods on the East Side, and putting up meters in neighborhoods where they’ve never been before. Hunting for a parking spot in some parts of town has started to feel like a part-time job for residents and visitors alike.

But, in all this parking darkness, there has recently emerged a bit of bright light. A new app-based parking system call PDX Parking Kitty has come to the city. The new program, available to anyone carrying a smartphone, lets you pay for parking with ease, using a zone-based system that communicates directly with the city’s meter readers. At least one aspect of parking in Portland is getting easier – and we’re here to walk you through the new app.

How Does Portland’s Parking Kitty App Work?

Parking Kitty is primarily an app-based system, so your first step will be to go either the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device, where you can download the app. (There is also a browser-based version that you can use, if you just can’t bring yourself to download another app.) Once you have the app on your smartphone, you just enter some basic information about where you’re parking and for how long you plan to be there.

The payments come out of your linked bank or credit card account, and you’re all set. The app will even meow at you to let you know that your time is running out! As long as you have time remaining in the zone you’re parked in, you can add more time to your parking “meter” right from your phone. No more sprinting back to the meter to prolong your stay!

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What Are These Zones in PDX?

Street parking throughout the city of Portland is divided up into various zones. There are zones you can park in for as little as five minutes (or not at all—ever) or as much as several hours. Some zones have different restrictions based on what time of day it is, and others based on what day of the week it is.

Regardless of the zone you’re in, there will be signs indicating the rules, and decals on the parking meter that will tell you specifically what you need to enter into the app to start your session. It is important to note, though, that paying with Parking Kitty does not get you out of abiding by the parking rules in the zone you’re in.

Parking Has Never Been Easier in Portland

The Parking Kitty app links directly to the city’s parking enforcement handheld system. That way, Portland meter readers (parking enforcement, or whatever you want to call the people who issue the tickets), know that you paid automatically. Say goodbye to those little paper slips that never seem to want to stay in your window.

And, if you have to track your parking expense for business purposes, that activity just got a whole lot easier for you, too. You can easily access your parking history and get receipts from the app on your phone from the Parking Kitty website.

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