Cat Breeds and Personality Types: Picking the Right Purebred Cat for Your Household

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cat personality types

Choose a Cat Personality That Compliments Your Own

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a purebred cat, the next step is to decide the right breed of cat for you or your family. Different breeds suit different people better, and it’s important to find a cat that will fit well with your unique family dynamic and lifestyle.

Remember: the cat you choose today will be your partner in crime for the next 10-20 years, so be sure to put some thought into the breed before you buy.

If you work long hours and are away from home for the majority of your time, you’ll want to avoid a cat that loves to be around people all the time. Likewise, if you have young kids who are looking forward to snuggling with a kitty, be sure to choose a breed that loves to cuddle.

Allergies are another important factor when it comes to deciding on the perfect breed of cat to get, as some short haired cats are more friendly for people with cat hair allergies. Use this list of popular purebred cats to help you find the perfect cat personality for you and your family.


Persian cats are characterised by long coats, a stocky body, and a broad, flat face. They are generally very affectionate. Because of their long coat of hair, they require more grooming than short-haired breeds of cats.

Persian cats are usually good lap cats, as they love attention and cuddling. Unfortunately, Persians are vulnerable to some hereditary diseases and so may require occasional trips to the vet. Most Persian owners find that their kitty is worth the trip to the vet because they are so lovely and affectionate.

cat personality types


The Siamese cat finds its origins in Thailand. Siamese cats traditionally have short hair, though you can find variations with longer hair. They are characterized by dark markings on the head, ears, and feet. While the Siamese cat is generally affectionate, they can also be bold and vocal.

Siamese cats are known to form incredibly strong bonds with their owner, and can grow anxious when left alone for long periods of time. Though they are very loving, they can be skittish with new environments and people. Give your Siamese cat time to open up to you upon adoption and you’ll find a loving companion.


Generally a darker hued cat with short, soft fur, the Burmese cat is stocky and curious. Burmese cats are heavy-boned and can be prone to obesity later in life if nutrition isn’t watched carefully. Burmese cats are playful and affectionate as kittens, but as they grow older, they tend to like to watch the action from a perch or hideout.

You’ll often find Burmese cats on a window sill, watching the world pass by outside. Burmese cats are generally people-oriented, and rarely ever turn down a good back rub.


With little to no hair, the Sphynx is a good option for people with serious allergies to cat hair. Energetic and dog-like, sphynxes love to play and can entertain themselves for hours. They generally like to be the center of attention, so they don’t always play well with dogs or other household cats.

While they love lounging around on laps, they tend to dislike being pet or rubbed. Because they are hairless, they love lounging around on warm surfaces. Expect to find your Sphynx on a sunny windowsill or even under the covers of your bed.

Choosing the Right Cat for Your Home

Choosing the right breed will make all the difference when it comes to sharing a life with your new cat. As you mull over the different types of cat breeds, be sure to keep in mind factors like other household pets, whether you have young children, and whether you have allergies to cat hair. The bond between you and your cat is unlike any other relationship, so make sure you choose a compatible cat.

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