Cats and Summer: A Guide for New Kitty Parents and Cat Lovers Too

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cats and summer

A Summer Guide for Cat Care: Seasonal Heat, Kittens, and More!

You know those sunny spots in your house where your cat loves to stretch out and warm their belly? Well, they’re getting hotter as the summer months continue. The beautiful weather can lead to happy cats, but the heat poses some potentially dangerous threats. With issues like heat stroke, sunburn, and cat-proofing your house on your radar this summer, we’re here to help you prepare yourself, your home, and your cat for the season.

If you’re adopting a cat or kitten for the first time or just trying to be the best cat parent you can be, the summer is an important time to study up. So whether you’re picking out your first water dish or leveling up to a water fountain, you’re in the right place. Read on for a handy guide to taking the best care of your cat or kitten during the hot months of the summer.

Summer Is Kitten Season

The summer tends to be cat-mating season, so from July to October, shelters and kitty families will be swimming in kittens. For this reason, it’s a great time to adopt. But it’s important to consider whether you’re better equipped for a baby kitten or an older cat.

Either one will require food, litter, and health care, but younger kittens also really need to socialize. Socializing is key for all cats’ mental and physical health, but where an older cat may only need a few minutes of petting and playing per day, younger kittens need much more attention. They’ll also benefit from having another kitten around – just remember: where there’s double the fun, there’s often double the mischief!

With all kittens, you’ll be meeting for the first time and it’s impossible to know what their personality will be like ahead of time. If you’re a busy bee yourself, you may want to consider opting for an older cat. This is especially true because shelters can often tell you much more about them, and they may fit into your particular lifestyle more easily.

Cat-Proof Your Home or Apartment Floor to Roof

Now that you know you’re ready for your new kitty, it’s time to put some effort into making sure your home is ready, too. Do your best to eliminate fragile or wobbly furniture to prevent unnecessary accidents. Make sure to hide all your plastic bags, medications, and cleaning products. Consider things like tying up your window blinds and covering your electrical cords for the time being – cats may be less likely to engage these objects, but kittens – not so much.

Your cat’s safety is the priority, and you’ll have to train yourself to rethink your own comfort items. Even houseplants can be poisonous, so do your research and keep things like lilies, tulips, and sago palms out of your home and away from your cat.

Summer Lovin’, Cat Style

Much like humans, cats can get sunburned when the heat is one. White-coated cats can get burned if they have naturally thinner coats, and all cats can get badly sunburned on their nose and ears. To avoid this, try to find a pet-safe sunscreen or an outdoor shelter where your cat can cool down in the shade.

Indoors, it’s important make sure to keep the house cool, as cats can also develop heat stroke in the summer. If your house is buggy, don’t keep their food out for longer than thirty minutes as it can attract pests and ants.

Make Sure Your Cat Stays Hydrated

It’s important to keep your cat hydrated in the summer, so make sure to keep extra fresh water out in a deep bowl. You can put out multiple water bowls in your house, but make sure they’re always in the shade and away from the litter box.

If your cat is struggling to drink enough water, you might consider switching to a cat fountain. Cats love moving water, and if your cat enjoys playing with the faucet, then they’ll likely treasure the luxury of a fountain.

Your Cats Will Be Grateful for Your Care

If you do your best to listen to your cat’s needs, they’ll thank you for it. Just like us, every cat is different and it’s up to you to learn what they love and how to make sure you can give it to them.

Summer is an especially important time to do so, so crank up the AC and put some ice cubes in the kitty water. And just in case you still need a little help, we’ve got you covered with another great blog on taking care of your kitty during the summer!

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