If It Fits, I Sits: Why Cats Love Tiny Spaces

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cats in small spaces

How Did My Cat Ever Get Into That Tiny Box? And Why?!

If you’ve ever had a cat and a box that seems at least two sizes too small for that cat to fit into it, then you’ve seen the phenomenon we’re going to unpack in this article. For many cats, it seems that no dimensions are too challenging. They will slide, twist, and contort to get into bowls, tiny boxes, small cubbyholes, or anywhere else where it seems they just shouldn’t fit. Once inside, most of the time, rather than struggling to get comfortable, they seem perfectly content, secure in their little bubble. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of cat you have – Siamese, tabby, Persian, kitten, senior cat, boy or girl, they all seem to love seeing how small of a space they can get into and often spending as much time in that space as possible. It’s adorable, but something of a mystery. For the time being, forget about how they do it. The real question is: Why do they do it? What makes cats so attracted to tiny spaces?

Cats and Their Survival Instinct

Housecats have been so domesticated for so many centuries that it’s easy to forget about their wilderness background. Even the most civilized indoor cat carries with it countless genes from their wild ancestors—and that includes a strong survival instinct. 

Even though cats are predators, only the biggest cats are at the apex of the predator chain, and the smaller ones need to be aware of threats. When in a very tiny or a very high place, a cat feels confident that no nasty larger predator can approach them from the back or the sides, allowing them to relax. 

Sure, they know that they are safe with you in their home, but you can never be too sure.

The Comfort of a Tiny Space

In a lot of ways, cats are no different than you or I. You know that great feeling on a cold night when you pull the covers up super tight and wrap yourself in them like a burrito? Doesn’t that feel great? 

That’s exactly what your cats are experiencing when they squeeze themselves into a tiny space. Those little boxes and drawers are warm and comfortable, in addition to feeling safe.

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Cats Do Things Because… Well, Because They Can

Let’s face it. Now that we’ve laid it out, squeezing into tiny spaces sounds pretty good. But it looks so uncomfortable! Well, don’t forget that a cat’s anatomy is very different from our own. Their organs are arranged differently, and their bone structure is different. 

Cats can squeeze comfortably into places humans could never dream of, even if we were small enough. So don’t fret when you see your cat contorting themselves almost beyond recognition to get into a box, bowl, or drawer. They know exactly what they’re doing.

Should You Try to Get Your Cat Out of That Tiny Space?

Once your cat gets into their tiny space, how do you get them out? Well, that’s where PDX Pet Design comes in. We designed our extremely popular cat toy, the SHRU – The Intelligent Cat Companion™ to imitate the behavior of a real animal. Remember those wild instincts we talked about? Here’s where they come into play. 

The SHRU works with your cat’s natural prey-chasing instincts to get them moving and give them plenty of exercise as they interact with this toy. That’s exercise they may need after 12 to 15 hours sleeping in your mailbox!

To order the SHRU, or for more fun cat accessories and tips, visit PDX Pet Design today.

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