Valentines Day and Cats: How Your Feline Friend Shows She Loves You

valentines day and cats

What Are the Signs That My Cat Really Loves Me?

Look, we’ve all been there. Valentine’s Day is approaching and for whatever reason (By choice! It’s totally by choice!), you’re planning to spend the evening at home with the one who’s affection you can rely on. Your cat!

Our cats love us. They do! It’s not just for the food, and the treats, and the toys, and the heated apartment, and the toys, and the scratching post, and the toys, and the scratches behind, the ears, and the toys. It’s real, true love. It is! My cat loves me and I can prove it. I can prove it because I understand cat behavior. Here’s how you can prove that your cat loves you.

valentine's day and cats

The Tail’s Tale Tells

You can tell a lot by watching your cat’s tail. When my cat is frightened or reacting negatively to stimulus, her tails puffs out. When she’s excited about something or feeling super affectionate her tail twitches.

I’ve seen her do it watching birds at the birdfeeder from the windowsill. I’ve seen her do it when she plays with her favorite toy. And I’ve seen her do it when I get home for the day, or enter the room, or sit down near her on the couch.

Love Bites! Head Butts!

Like the eighties hair metal song says, love hurts. I mean, it doesn’t have to. But it can. You can also tell how your cat feels about you from how they choose to hurt you. Does your can bite you gently? Does she headbutt you and then rub her face on yours? Yes? That’s because she loves you!

Your cat gently bites you as a sign of cat affection, much as she would another cat. She also headbutts you and rubs her face on your to rub her scent onto you. She’s marking you (in a much more pleasant way) as being a part of her social group. You’re like an honorary cat!

She Kneads Me, She Grooms Me, and She Trusts Me Enough to be Vulnerable

valentines day and cats

My kitty bakes bread on my lap sometimes. She kneads and kneads, flexing her paws and pulling at the blanket. She does this because she feels close to me, so close to me that she acts like she’s a kitten again, kneading at her mother’s belly.

She also licks me. Her tongue can be a bit rough, but I know that she’s showing me that I’m belong with her. Cat grooming is not wasted on the undeserving.

And I know she trusts me. You too can tell if your cat trusts you. Does she roll on her back to get your attention, showing her belly? She would only ever show her belly to those that she trusts; you can believe that.

My Cat Loves Me, Let me Count the Ways

Whether she’s showing it by grooming me, marking me with her scent by head butting me, revealing her soft belly, twitching her tail, kneading me, or biting me, I know my kitty loves me. This Valentine’s Day, curl up with someone you can prove loves you. Curl up with your cat.

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