Why Won’t My Cat Snuggle? How to Turn a Shy Cat Into a Cuddly Cat

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How to Get Your Kitty to Sleep in Your Lap More Often

Cats are more like humans than most care to admit. Just like us, cats have formative years where they develop their personalities. As a result, it is how kittens are raised that make for why domesticated cats are loving and why feral cats will either flee from you or go on the attack.

Still, it’s not uncommon for some domestic cats to shy away from being snuggled. In most cases, there’s a reason for a cat’s shyness, but luckily, there are some things you can do to help break out of her shell and become the cuddly cat you always wanted.

5 Ways to Help Turn Your Cat Into a Lovebug

If you want a cuddly cat, then you should obtain her while she is still a kitten and preferably one from affectionate parents. If the cat you adopted is older than a kitten, then there are still some things you can do to help make her more affectionate but expect to put in a little more work. Here’s what you will need to do to help your cat become a loving lap cat.

Don’t Stare At Your Cat

Staring at a cat automatically raises her tension and make her think you are being confrontational. Instead, when looking into your cat’s face, blink your eyes slowly and frequently. You will find her becoming more relaxed and she will even start responding with her own slow blink. A slow blink from a cat is essentially the same thing as her giving you a kiss.

Keep Calm and Move On… Slowly

Stress and quick movements are two things that will turn a shy cat into a scaredy cat. If you want your cat to be a lap cat, then you need to exude a level of calm and avoid making sudden movements or you will send her running for the hills, or at least under your bed.

Groom Your Cat

One your cat’s favorite pastimes is grooming herself, but she will usually be open to being groomed by you too. It just might take some time before she is comfortable with you doing it. When your cat comes near you, have a soft-bristled brush in your hand and simply hold it near your cat.

She will eventually reach a point where she will start rubbing against it. The more comfortable she gets, the more you will be able to brush her. Just practice brushing in a slow, gentle, and rhythmic motion, so you don’t scare her away.

Rub Your Cat the Right Way

Cats love being touched on certain parts of their bodies and hate being touched on others. So, rubbing your cat in the right spots will make her more willing to sleep on your lap. Pet her between the ears, beneath the chin, between the eyes, or along her spine and she will love it.

A cat may lay on her back and expose her belly to you, but this isn’t because she wants to be touched there. Instead, a cat will sometimes do this as a sign that she trusts you. The tummy and the area around the tail are two places where cats traditionally don’t like being touched.

Attract Your Cat With Treats

If your cat has a certain treat that she can’t get enough of, then use her favorite treat to bribe her into coming closer to you on the couch. Continue to place the treats closer and closer to you to help bring her in. Eventually, she will grow more comfortable with being on your lap and treats will no longer be needed to get her there.

The most important thing to remember when you are trying to turn a shy cat into a cuddly cat is to avoid forcing your presence on to her. Your number one goal is to build trust with your cat, so she can be more comfortable being in your presence. And remember, not all cats are cuddly. If your cat isn’t a lap cat, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you or that all your work has failed. Your cat just might be showing affection for you in other ways.  

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