An All Points Guide on Getting Your Cat the Best Treatment During the Holiday

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christmas cat gifts

Making Sure You and Your Cat Companion Enjoy the Holiday in Style

Everyone should have a great time during the holiday season, including your special furry friend. So how can you make sure that your cat has as great a holiday season as you do? Here’s a handy guide to giving your cat the best possible treatment during the holiday season this year, staying out of trouble and enjoying your time together.

Cat Care Tips When You Plan on Going Away for the Holidays:

If you have to go away for the holidays, for example to visit family, then you’ll have to deal with the issue of what to do with your cat companion. You probably won’t be able to bring them along with you – especially if there’s a flight involved – but can you leave them on their own? If not, what do you do?

For starters, recommends never leaving your cat on their own when you go away on a trip, and the holidays are certainly no exception. Although cats are more independent than dogs, they will become stressed and agitated if they do not get regular fresh water, food, and litter pan cleaning. Also, one never knows when a medical emergency may strike and your cat won’t be able to dial the number for emergency services without you.

If you can arrange for someone to come into your home to care for your cat, this is the best option. A full-time cat sitter would be best, but at least having someone come in once or twice a day to interact with the cat while they do some basic maintenance should be fine.

If you need to board your cat, do your research first! Check out the facility and make sure the cats have plenty of space to run around, play, hide, and be alone when they want to be. Get to know the staff and get a feel for how they interact with the cats. Bring along a couple of articles of clothing with your smell on them and toys from home (if allowed) to make your cat more comfortable.

Cat Holiday Dangers to Avoid urges cat owners to make sure they have the number of a 24-hour vet or animal hospital handy during the holidays in case of an emergency, since your regular vet may not be available. They also urge you to make sure your cat has a collar and ID tag to identify her and to provide information about contacting. This measure is especially important since the holidays are prime times for cats to escape, with doors opening and closing frequently upon the arrival or departure of holiday guests.

Also, be sure to keep your cats away from gift ribbons, which they love to play with but can become entangled in their digestive tract and create a serious health danger. The same danger goes for mistletoe, poinsettias, and other Christmas flora including all lilies, as they can be poisonous to cats.

christmas cat gifts

How Cats Can Share in the Holiday Fun

On the other hand, your cats can have a great and safe time with empty gift boxes, packing paper, and wrapping paper, so feel free to let your cats go nuts with these items. This may also be a time to present your cats with their own Christmas gifts. Some great options include:

Easyology Roller Cat Toy This interactive tower has three levels of balls and rolling tracks for hours of fun and exercise.

YOUTHINK Cat Scratcher – Your cat will have a blast with this collapsible lounge bed surrounded by high-density scratchable card board, with ball toy, bell and catnip included.

PDX Pet Design SHRU – The SHRU from PDX Pet Design is the perfect toy for the cat who has outsmarted all of her other toys. This fun toy is a smart, interactive plaything that automatically responds to your cat’s actions and is able to mimic a small animal’s sounds and movement patterns. It can keep your cat engaged for hours! Just don’t think this means you can leave your cat at home by herself for the holidays, entertained with a SHRU. That’s definitely not true.

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