Calling All Celebrity Cats: Learn How Famous Felines Are Really Treated

famous cats

What’s the Deal With Celebrity Cats?!

We all love our cats, even those that may be sharing company with celebrities we see on social media, pawing at their favorite feline and singing their pet-worthy praises. But what about those cats who have made it into the realm of the celebrity feline on their own merits?

Sometimes, it’s true – thanks in large part to social channels like Instagram, cats do become celebrities all by themselves. In fact, some people say that the famous Grumpy Cat earns more money than Lady Gaga!

The cat-loving site Catster speculates that if you’re a feline looking to hit the big time, the best way is to either have a celebrity friend, or to have interesting teeth. But once a cat makes it, is it all catnip and tuna from there? Do these famous felines really have it all?

Here’s a look at some of our favorite celebrity cats and some insight into whether or not they may be living the purr-fect life!

Larry the Downing Street Mouser

Some cats are born famous, and some have fame thrust upon them. Larry the Downing Street mouser has earned his celebrity, protecting the seat of English government from any crawling vermin that may threaten them. Larry, a brown and white tabby, actually has an official title, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, and has served under both recent Prime Ministers, David Cameron and Theresa May.

Like everyone in politics, Larry has rivals; in his case, the main one is Palmerston, the Chief Mouser for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They say Palmerston is actually a better mouser, but don’t tell Larry!

Meredith, by Taylor Swift

Everyone who knows Taylor Swift has probably heard of her legendary love of cats, and you can bet that her adorable Scottish fold, Meredith, never wants for anything.

Meredith, named after the lead character in the long-running soap “Grey’s Anatomy,” is adored by Taylor and often travels with her, as well as making frequent appearances while being pampered by Taylor on YouTube, Twitter, and Taylor’s blog.

The Clinton Family and Socks

While many Presidents have had faithful dogs in the White House, Socks gained fame for his time as the First Feline—and seems to have avoided much of the controversy that often swirled around his human companions, the Clintons.

Socks had it pretty good for a while, having the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion and then the White House as his stomping grounds, getting to be the White House website tour guide (in cartoon form), and visiting schools and hospitals to cheer up children. But unfortunately, the introduction to the house of Buddy, the White House dog, was the end of Socks.

The two were mortal enemies from day one, and when the Clinton’s left the White House, they were forced to leave Socks behind. Never fear, though, he continued to flourish under the care of Betty Currie, Clinton’s secretary.

famous cats

Kenya – Mike Tyson’s White Tiger

What about a big cat? After “The Hangover,” everyone knows about Mike Tyson’s obsession with pet white tigers, including the adorable white Bengal tiger named Kenya.

Mike Tyson spared no expense in taking care of his tigers back in the day, paying about $1500 a day in food and $70,000 a year in other expenses, and that does not even include the $125,000 a year for the animal trainer.

Dorito and Calippo

Fans of the mega pop star Ed Sheeran know where to find his two adorable meowing friends, Dorito and Calippo. They have their own Instagram account where they chronicle their daily routine to millions of followers.

Choupette and Karl Lagerfeld

For cats that are living the high life, it’s hard to beat designer Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty, Choupette. Lagerfeld has expressed a desire to marry Choupette and she wants for nothing, as you might quickly discover if you go to her Wiki.

She even has two maids of her own to take care of her grooming and beauty, and to keep track of her moods and activities. Naturally, you can follow up on exactly what’s happening with Choupette at all times on Instagram as well.

You may not have a cat who’s as famous as these felines, but surely you love them every bit as much. When you want to pamper your favorite kitty, check out a few products that can help your furry friend feel just like one of these top cats, from PDX Pet Design.

[images via: Images via: CBC, Reddit]

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