The Best Videos Around for Cats That Love Watching TV (And Why They Do It!)

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cat tv programs

The Weird, Wonderful World of Cat TV

Cats are very visual creatures. They love visual stimulation, and many of them will spend great amounts of time posted up on a windowsill watching the action happening just outside their human companion’s home. And as you might have correctly assumed, some cats will even respond to visual images on the television.

This phenomenon has lead to the creation of Cat TV – namely, videos and television programs that are specifically designed to entertain cats, and even to enrich their little kitty lives. Some research has even shown that cats confined to a room without a window can show signs of improved well being if given a television that plays cat videos for them to watch. Sound unbelievable? Read on for details.

Why Cats Love TV (That’s Made for Cats)

As mentioned above, cats are very visual creatures, and they respond to visual stimuli as a part of their hunting behavior. According to some vets, the more prey-oriented a cat is, the more likely they are to be engaged by watching videos designed specifically for cats, nature programming that features birds, and other visual imagery.

Furthermore, most vets seem to agree that there’s nothing wrong with entertaining your cats with videos designed to engage and entertain them. And in case you were wondering, watching television, no matter how close they are to the screen, will not injure their eyes.

The only hazard involved with the practice is the potential for your cat to become frustrated with simply watching the video, as they try to attack the image on the screen (which could injure your television and potentially your cat).

Who Makes These Videos and Why

Aside from nature programming series and documentaries that feature prey animals that your cat may find appealing, there are also a host of videos available on the Internet created specifically for entertaining the feline set.

There is a diverse group of people making these videos too, and for many of them, it seems that they derive direct satisfaction from creating and posting videos that cats will love. There are some pet supply and pet food companies that are also getting in on the action as a part of their content-marketing efforts. But as long as they’re posting videos that cats love…

cat tv programs

The Best Cat TV Available for Your Feline Companion

YouTube is an excellent place to go looking for content for your cat, if you’re just getting into the trend. In fact, there are whole channels devoted to cat-oriented video programming on the site, and the popularity of the videos determines how high they rank in the search results.

For some great examples check out the links to the videos below.

True to its title, this video shows a series of settings in the outdoors, each with a small pile of birdseed and the birds that it attracts. It’s shot in high definition and when viewed by your cat on a large television, this channel will feel very much like sitting right at a bird feeder and enjoying the show, for eight hours straight.

In a nutshell, this is essentially an hour-long video of animated fish in water, seen from above. This one is not as much fun to watch with your cat as Eight Hour Bird Bonanza, but it will entertain the little furry creatures for a full hour, guaranteed.

Much like the bird video listed above, this short video (fourteen minutes in length) shows a pile of seeds in a natural setting and the rodents that it attracts.

To Entertain and Engage Your Cat… Get TV?!

Putting on the television and loading up videos for your cat to watch may seem a little strange at first. But the cats love it, it isn’t bad for them, and if you’re cat never gets to go outside or has a limited view of the outside world, you could be doing them a real service by activating their hunting instincts via television.

Just remember to play with them afterward to help them work out any frustrations they may pick up while watching birds or rodents they can’t quite manage to track down…

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