How do I order a SHRU for my cat?

You can now order a SHRU! SHRU orders are shipped out within a few days of placing an order. We’re a small but mighty team dedicated to the happiness of cats such as yours.

What is the best way to use SHRU?

SHRU was designed to entertain your cat while you’re out. With this in mind, we recommend charging SHRU at night, and turning SHRU on before you leave for the day (or an extended period of time). SHRU automatically turns back on every hour for a period of time, or whenever your cat gives it a nudge or a swat. This keeps kitty engaged and on his toes throughout the day. Turn SHRU off before you head to bed so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep.

What is the best way to introduce my cat(s) to SHRU?

We recommend scaredy mode for the first introduction. Scaredy mode moves slowly and less frequently and It is less likely to scare your kitty when they first meet.

Is SHRU bite-, scratch-, and crush-proof?

The exterior is a hard plastic, designed to resist cat bites and scratches, but not those inflicted by dogs. It will crush under a certain amount of stress, but much more than a cat or two could exert. The internal components are securely mounted to ensure that they remain stable during a moderate drop.

How do I configure SHRU’s behavior?

Using SHRUPlay you can change some of SHRU’s settings including sound type, volume, play mode, and play duration via a USB interface when SHRU is plugged into your Mac or Windows computer. See for supported platforms.

Is it possible to mute/disable the sound?

Yes, you can turn off the sound via the USB interface, when SHRU is plugged into your machine.

Do you think SHRU will survive a trip down carpeted stairs? How about hardwood stairs?

Yes, SHRU is designed to survive a trip down a flight of carpeted or hardwood stairs!

Why does my SHRU turn back on after being silent for a while?

SHRU is programed to turn on after 1 hour of no play. SHRU will also wake up if your cat taps or nudges SHRU.

How do I turn SHRU on and off?

Simply tap the silver tab to turn on and off.

Is SHRU waterproof?


My SHRU isn’t rolling on my carpet. Why?

SHRU may not roll on deep shag and some household carpets. Low pile rugs and hard floors work best. Cat behaviorists tell us that any engagement with toys, whether its staring, watching, flirting, and pouncing are all important parts of the hunting process for cats. Consider purposefully placing SHRU on thick carpet sometimes to spice things up! Also consider recalibrating your SHRU using the instructions in the next questions below.

My SHRU isn’t rolling or is acting erratic on my low-pile carpet or hard floor. What do I do?

SHRU may need to be recalibrated. To recalibrate SHRU:

  1. Make sure sound is enabled using SHRUPlay
  2. Unplug SHRU from the USB
  3. Hold the silver tab for about 10 seconds and you should hear SHRU chime
  4. After this chime, place SHRU on the floor
  5. After 10 seconds, SHRU will chime again and start to play
  6. Your SHRU has been recalibrated

I think my SHRU is really dead. What do I do?

If your SHRU isn’t moving/talking or being recognized by SHRUPlay, follow these steps to perform a reset:

  1. Plug in SHRU to USB
  2. Launch SHRUPlay
  3. Wait for at least 1 hour to ensure full charge of battery
  4. If SHRUPlay is still not recognizing your SHRU, press and hold the silver tab for about 10 seconds
  5. This forces a reset and SHRUPlay should now recognize your SHRU

I lost the instructions that were in the package! Where can I find them?

You can download the instructions PDF here.

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