A Look Behind the Scenes of the “Lick, Lick, Lick” Video

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Licki Brush Video Still

A Few Days in the Life of a Star Kitty Model and Friends

A star is born. She’s a luminous kitty-being with a heart of platinum and four white socks. The dilute calico known only as Frankly made her on-screen debut this year in the production of “Lick, Lick, Lick,” a music video featuring her owner/companion Kevin Marie Byloos, a little-known-in-America but very well known international multi-disciplinary star from Peru. And this is a look behind the scenes of that very production.

Licki brush video still

The script below features behind the scenes trivia, interview questions with cast and crew, notes from Frankly’s on-set diary, and a few fan-related questions that came through social media channels. Feel free to leave a comment on the post if you have more questions you’d like us to answer. And now… read on and enjoy!

What Really Happened: The Play by Play

Though sequentially, the “Green Room” scenelet appears before the actual friends party portion of the video, these were in reality pick-up shots that were set up and taken the day after the main shooting day. On location in Kevin’s twin brother’s Portland home, the vanity is a real piece of furniture that was used for the scene. Frankly is wearing a rainbow body-Polo jumper that once on, was like a second skin. Nothing cuter than a fluffy kitty inside a well-tailored shirt. This was also the debut of the Glow in the Dark version of the Licki brush, for which the video was made.

Licki Brush Video Still

Fan Question: Did the other GIANT animals scare the little kitty?

Answer: This isn’t the best photo to depict this answer, but it’s true. The bear and cats, which must have translated as giant animals indeed to Frankly, proved to be two of her closest allies on set. She wasn’t scared of The Bear, and complimented him endlessly on his brass buttons. And contrary to being scared, she was a little bit… well, catty towards the other cat on stage. Diva.

Fan Question: Does Kevin’s shirt say “Kevin” on it?

Answer: Yes, only it appears upside-down to onlookers, because when Kevin looks down at his own chest to read it, it’s right-side-up.

Licki Brush Video Still

Danguole, our director, used a gimbal for most of the shooting, a tripod for some of the medium close-ups, and went handheld for both the entrance to the venue shots, as well as some of the full-width shots, which were filmed from the top of a 12-foot ladder. The space, Baker Ballroom in N. Portland, was graciously lent to us for shooting, and the ceiling height was substantial, allowing us to get way up above the actors below.

<h2>A Few Days in the Life of a Star Kitty Model and Friends</h2> Intro <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-6346" src="http://pdxpetdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Licki_brush_Video_Still_main.jpg" alt="Licki brush video still" width="750" height="500" /> Text <!--more--> <h2>What Really Happened: The Play by Play</h2> Text <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-6347" src="http://pdxpetdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Licki_brush_Video_Still_01.jpg" alt="Licki Brush Video Still" width="750" height="500" /> Text <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-6348" src="http://pdxpetdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Licki_brush_Video_Still_02.jpg" alt="Licki Brush Video Still" width="750" height="500" /> Text Text Text Text Text Text Text <h2>Links to Licki Brush Resources</h2> Video on YouTube <a href="http://pdxpetdesign.com/about/licki-music-video/">Video on PDX Pet Design Site</a> <a href="http://pdxpetdesign.com/product/licki/">Licki Brush Product Page (Glow in the Dark Licki Brush option available)</a> <a href="http://pdxpetdesign.com/media/cat-lovers-enter-today-and-win-250-cash-special-prizes/">Licki Brush Holiday Contest - You Could Win $250!</a>

Fan Question: Was there any significance to the colors chosen for the shoot?

Answer: Each color was chosen to maximize the overall visual effect of the shots we took. Overall, we went for as bright as possible on the colors, and as much texture as possible in the use of materials. The costumes? Those weren’t costumes. Those were clothes worn by a dozen of Kevin’s closest friends.

Fan Question: Did Frankly eat the pink feathers from the boa?

Answer: Surprisingly enough, she did not. Would you? She’s a kitty. Not stupid.

Licki Brush Video Still

From the Stylist: Kevin’s wardrobe was provided by the same Hollywood costumer who dressed Blanche from The Golden Girls hit television show, who was flown in specially for the shoot and brought many of the same costume pieces from the actual show. Legendary choreographer de Mille crossword clue worked with Kevin during the month leading up to the shoot, perfecting his use of the feather boa and gloves. Training during the first two weeks was executed without the Licki brush, while the second two weeks required Kevin to keep the Licki brush in-mouth nearly eleven hours a day.

Licki Brush Video Still

Foreground: a Moth, which Frankly was also chasing around the set in between shots. In this one, the AD captured Frankly, who has just caught the moth and subsequently chewed on her wings. Background: Carrie, the on-set cat wrangler. She sat with Frankly between most shots, fed her some light wet food that featured salted mackerel and salmon, and made sure that noise, smoke, and light conditions were all maintained to exacting standards as per the cat performer’s contract and riders.

From Craft Services: We had Vinegar and Sea Salt Kettle Chips, 7-Up in bottles, and other light snacks for the performers on set.

Licki Brush Video Still

Birdman is one of Kevin’s oldest friends. He lives on a houseboat and works freelance as an Odour Judge, often being flown to France to sample out the latest perfumes and colognes before they are perfected and sent to market.

Licki Brush Video Still

Cymbal Man, seen here in the background on set, is a legend at the Oregon Country Fair, where he has led an all-person percussion marching band through the fairgrounds for several years. Getting into wardrobe took nearly 30 minutes for Cymbal Man, who was one of the few “friends” who did not come to set in his outfit. Apparently, his full-time driver quit that morning, and Cymbal Man had to Uber over to the location. In the end, he decided it was best to put his clothes on at the set, rather than to try and explain to a part-time Uber driver who in the heck he was.

Licki Brush Video Still

What is everyone paying attention to? Why, it’s Frankly! Opining on how she’s ready for another break, and how she’d like some corn tortilla chip bits, hand-hewn into tiny square morsels. Hot Dog, aka Grillerz, eventually got her taken care of in the snacks department.

Licki Brush Video Still

Links to Licki Brush Resources

Video on YouTube

Video on PDX Pet Design Site

Licki Brush Product Page (Glow in the Dark Licki Brush option available)

Licki Brush Holiday Contest – You Could Win $250!

Licki Brush Video Still

Excerpt from the Set Diary of Frankly: The first disappointment that I had to deal with on set was the lack of fans. I was told by my agent AND my manager that there was an open call via social media, alerting members of the Frankly Army to come on down and be extras on set. No one was there. This will be the last time I trust anyone in Hollywood.

Licki Brush Video Still

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